NVIDIA Drops RTX 2060 to $299USD

nvidia geforce rtx 2060

In this report by wccftech, graphics card maker NVIDIA has officially dropped the price of the GeForce RTX 2060 from $349.99 to $299.99. The price drop is likely to better position the RTX 2060 to better compete with AMD’s RX 5600 XT recently introduced at CES for $279. The superior performance NVIDIA’s GPU makes it a better value even at a $20 higher price tag. And it brings hardware enabled ray tracing capability to the sub $300 consumer market.

At the time of this writing, AMD has not responded with any changes to their announced pricing. Last month AMD released the long anticipated RX 5500 XT to mixed reviews. While the card’s much reduced power consumption was applauded, its north of $200 price and performance were not. The performance of the Navi based RX 5500 XT was on par with that of the RX 580, the last generation Polaris card widely available for $180 or less. So it will be interesting to see if AMD makes any pricing adjustments across its lineup to better position the 5600 XT and correct the 5500 XT value propositions.