Apple Stores Bring Swift to the Playground for Hour of Code

swift_logo9 to 5 Mac reports, Apple Stores to teach Swift Playgrounds lessons at free Hour of Code workshops starting December 5. Hour of Code is’s initiative to teach computer programming skills to students around the world. Society today relies upon and is driven by technology like no other period in human history. And this begs that the 3 R’s of education add a fourth, learning to program. Obviously, not everyone is going to grow up to become Software Engineers, but there is a lot of value in people knowing something about what’s behind the apps they use everyday. Such knowledge should not only enrich the lives of individuals, but allow society as a whole to make better informed decisions about technology.

Swift Playgrounds is Apple’s iPad app intended to help new software developers learn to program using Swift. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Please follow the original 9 to 5 Mac link above for more information.